Rüdiger Rossig | Journalist | Novinar

curriculum vitae



Born: 26 August 1967 in Mannheim, Germany



Since 2018: Editor at Deutsche Welle's Europe Department, mostly but not only responsible for the Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian language editorial team.

Since 2013: Editor at taz.die tageszeitung (Berlin) for the 'taz.eins' desk, responsible for pages 1 to 4 (lead story, current news and focal areas).

2006 - 2015: Senior editor and journalist at the English-language monthly newspapers The Atlantic Times, The German Times and The Asia Pacific Times (Berlin).

2005: Head of public relations for the German division of the International Organisation for Migration's Iraqi Voting in Exile Programme.

2003 - 2005: Coordinator of the Schule Ohne Rassismus – Schule Mit Courage (School without Racism – School with Courage) European initiative for youths. Responsible for 80 schools in Berlin, numerous events and various publications. Development and editorial board of www.sor-smc.de, the associated website.

1999 - 2012: Editor at the opinion desk at taz.

1998: Senior Corps Supervisor of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe's Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Responsible for monitoring the elections in the canton of Sarajevo. Supervision of around 300 election monitors in 250 polling places.

1996: Producer, announcer and editor at United Nations Radio (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina). Establishment of the student radio station eFM (Education FM) and the associated website: www.efm.co.ba.

1995: Assistant producer at United Nations Television (Zagreb/Croatia).

1993: Editor and journalist on the foreign desk at taz, responsible for Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Numerous stints as a reporter in former Yugoslavia.

1992: Title story on the rock scene and opposition in Belgrade, Serbia for Zounds (Stuttgart).

1990: Contributing journalist at RIAS, Prinz, tip-TV (Berlin) and Radio Fritz (Potsdam).

1988: Freelance journalist for the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper and Stuttgart Life magazine.

1987: Editor, reporter and announcer at Linksrheinischen Rundfunk radio station (Ludwigshafen).

1985: Freelance journalist on the local desk at the Mannheimer Morgen newspaper (Mannheim).



Journalist for a variety of German and international media such as the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Leipzig), Deutsche Welle (Berlin/Bonn), WDR (Köln), Deutschlandfunk (Berlin) radio stations, Vreme (Belgrad), BH Dani (Sarajevo) and Lupiga.com (Zagreb).


Germany correspondent for international, independent audio content distributor Global Radio News (London).

Fixer (organiser, scout, translator, etc.) for foreign media such as Al Jazeera Online (Doha, Katar), Al Jazeera Balkan (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), HRT (Zagreb/Croatia) and the BBC (London).

Lectures and case studies for and with young journalists at the International Institute of Journalism Berlin Brandenburg, the Eastern European journalist's network n-ost (both in Berlin), the RBB Electronic Media School (Potsdam) and the Multimedia Institute (Zagreb, Croatia).

Consultant on themes such as Eastern and South-eastern Europe, migration and pop culture to foundations and institutions involved in youth and adult education such as the Archive of Youth Cultures, AWO - Worker's Welfare Association, Diakonisches Werk (the social services arm of the Protestant Church), European Academy, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Against Oblivion – For Democracy, South-eastern Europe Culture (all in Berlin) and the European Fund for the Balkans (Belgrade).

Coach at Kreisau Initiative Berlin's Model International Criminal Court in Krzyżowa, Poland.

Translator from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English into German for taz, the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and others.

Consultant and researcher for various companies active in former Yugoslavia.



2008: Author of (Ex-)Jugos. Young migrants from Yugoslavia and its successor states in Germany, Archive of Youth Cultures Publishing House (Berlin), ISBN 978-3-940213-46-4

2002: Co-publisher of the taz journal Grünes Geld-Gutes Geld (Green money-good money)

2001: Co-publisher of the taz journal Energiewende (Energy transition)

2001: Author of the 'Sandzak' chapter, in Sundhaussen and Holm, Konfliktregionen Südosteuropas im Zeitalter des Nationalismus, Freie Universität Berlin

1999: Co-publisher (with Eva Berger) of the taz dossier Nach dem Krieg - Vor dem Krieg (After the war-before the war), The Balkans between exploded illusions and European fantasies of order

1999: Co-publisher (with Eva Berger) of the taz dossier “.Der Kosovo-Krieg (The Kosovo war)

1997: Co-author (with Frank Hofmann) of the article Zählt nicht auf uns (Don't count on us), in Klaus Farin, Jugendkulturen zwischen Kommerz und Politik (Youth cultures between commerce and politics), Thomas Tilsner publishers (Bad Tölz)

1994: Aid for former Yugoslavia. An Overview, The network of peace groups in partnership with taz.die tageszeitung

For more texts, films and radio features, see www.ruediger-rossig.de



1999 - 2005: South-eastern european studies, history and sociology course at Freie Universität Berlin Degree: Magister Artium (MA).

1990 - 1994: Foundation course in Balkanology and political science at Freie Universität Berlin.

1978 - 1988: Kurpfalz Gymnasium in Schriesheim a.d.B. (Baden-Württemberg).

1974 - 1978: Primary school in Weinheim and Hirschberg an der Bergstraße (Baden-Württemberg).



Native language: German

Fluent in: English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Basic knowledge of: French, Turkish

Dormant: Latin



Computer: All standard Windows, Mac and Linux programs

Tablets, smartphones, etc: All standard Android programs

Various editors for journalists

All relevant Internet, telephone, fax and email programs Email user since 1993

Various audio, photo and video editing programmes

Standard TV and radio devices (recording and playing), Hi-8 cameras, Datadisk, Minidisk, MP3 recorder, etc.



German Classes B and A (car and motorcycle)